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On Vacation, Sort Of

This week I have off from my somewhat main job, which is working in a retail store similar to Wal-mart. Generally when I take a vacation from there, it is because we go on a trip, either part of a week, or just the weekend. This year though, we had planned on visiting my husband’s dad in PA, and then head to Ohio for a church get together that we attend every year.

Our mechanic showed me something that needed immediate attention, which I’ll probably post about in the near future. He showed me that one of our strut towers was falling apart. It had separated from the lower section and was encircled in rust.

I was glad to find out about this before heading out of town on a trip. I wouldn’t want to be stuck somewhere without a vehicle. Years ago we had to have our vehicle towed thirty miles to be fixed when we were heading to PA, and it’s not a fun way to spend one’s vacation, not to mention the money spent that wasn’t budgeted.

So, even though we’d prefer not to have to invest money into fixing it, it’s better than having the whole van fall apart if we go over a big bump in the road.

I took the vacation for the trip, but since we’re not going, I decided it would be nice to be able to make more money doing windows since I’d be stuck at home anyway. I had most of the week planned out with larger jobs, two to three per day.

Generally, I’m only able to plan larger jobs on Mondays and Wednesdays the two days I have off from the retail job. The other days, I have to plan smaller jobs depending on who is able to work, because I go to work at the store in mid-afternoon.

I expected this week to be a great week getting caught up on all my bills, and what happens? My one employee that can move and work with the ladder calls in sick. He already informed me that he still doesn’t feel all that great and probably won’t be working tomorrow either.

We did work today, but I had to switch the jobs around, and will have to hope that my customers don’t get upset when they find out that we may not get to them tomorrow either.


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