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Ahh, something stole my plant

I purchased a new plant this spring, as my manner is. I have a hard time not getting new plants every year as I work in a store that has a garden center just slightly smaller than Lowe’s. This was a plant I’d never seen before, called a Catchfly. The company it came from was/ is http://www.bloomiq.com, and it is the┬ávariegated┬áversion of the plant.

It’s normal for me to purchase plants but not be able to get them in the ground right away since I’m so busy working two jobs. This year, though, we’ve barely had any rain-like most places in the states- and I had a hard time keeping up with the watering. This particular plant looked like it was ready to die. I already lost one plant last year for the same reason and didn’t want to lose another, so I dug a hole and planted it.

I began doing better watering, not necessarily daily, but at least weekly and sometimes more often. It took a long time, but finally it was beginning to show signs of new growth and new leaves instead of the dead ones that I was looking at for some time.

Last week I noticed a bunny in our yard and my daughter said she had seen it earlier in the month. I know that a few years ago, bunnies were having babies under our ramp in the front yard, but I never had any problems with them. Two days after seeing that bunny, my plant wasn’t just chewed up, it looked like it was pulled out by the roots.

To give any animals the benefit of the doubt, it could be it dried out too much again, but it was looking so good that I highly doubt that. Oddly enough I’ve never had that problem before, with any of the small critters eating any of my plants.

So readers, do you think the culprit was that bunny, or is that highly unlikely? I’m not in an area that has problems with deer, so I know they didn’t eat it.



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