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I just discovered that if you mistakenly use passive voice in your writing that word press will show you where that is. It has a feature built into it similar to spell check. ¬†With that in mind, it wouldn’t hurt for all authors to have a word press account if for no other reason than to put their writing into a new post to check it out first. They wouldn’t have to actually make the post, although if no posts were ever made I don’t know whether the account would be kept open¬†indefinitely.

Spell check puts a red line under the word, whereas the passive voice flag puts a green line under the phrase.


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I just began my first college course tonight, actually within the past half hour or so. One of the things we’ll be doing in the class is starting a word press blog. I’m glad I got these other two started within the last month or so, that will give me some practice on navigating around the site, as that can sometimes be the hardest part of blogging.

I have not started the new blog yet, if I can I’ll start it before next week. I need to make sure I get the other assignments done for this week first though.

All three of the classes I’m taking this semester will be online courses. English began today, one class begins on Sunday and the last on Monday. The one that begins on Monday will be over in October, only two months long. The one that begins tomorrow will end in November and English will last the whole semester.

I chose to take only three courses for this semester for several reasons. First because I haven’t been to school since before many of you were born, and also I work two jobs. Both of those jobs begin to taper off towards Christmas or so, depending on the weather. The cashiering job will be busy until the beginning of January, when everything dies down-business wise. Once we get a lot of snow, we pretty much quit cleaning windows, especially those where extension ladders are needed to reach second story windows.

For the winter semester I hope to take a fuller load as business in both places don’t speed up until April. Maybe by then I can take a break from doing windows for the last month until finals are completed.

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