Cover of "Does Your Tongue Need Healing"

Cover of Does Your Tongue Need Healing

I read a book recently by a Christian author, Derek Prince. I highly recommend the book. It’s an easy read, only has 102 pages in the newest edition. The title of it is: Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

Mr. Prince shows how what comes out of our mouth, by way of how we use our tongues had a direct correlation to whether our life is blessed or not. He has a similar book titled Blessings and Curses which discusses this idea more indepth, and which I will be reviewing at a later date.

The main reason we have a tongue is to give glory to God, if anything we speak is not glorifying God, then who are we glorifying by our speech? It will either give glory to the one true God, the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, or it will give glory to the devil, the adversary, the god of this world.

In the book of James, four different illustrations are used to give imagery to how our tongue functions in our lives. Those illustrations are that of: a spark that starts a forest fire, the rudder that steers a ship, poison, and the bit in the horse’s mouth.



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