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Gravatar Links

Have you noticed that when bloggers like your posts,  they use a Gravatar which can be an actual picture of themselves or the various blocks of color, but many of them do not provide links to their own blogs? In other words when you click on a Gravatar (person) that liked a specific post it will take you to a Gravatar page, but if the individual never provided links to their blog,  you can’t go any further.

If you have a WordPress blog you automatically have a Gravatar link.

This is an picture of the folks that have liked my recent post on Smelling the Roses.

Until recently all I had available was my Gravatar image also as I didn’t realize that I could link that back to my blogs. Before I updated my Gravatar I checked out another person that liked my post and found that they did have links to their blogs. Once I saw that  was something available I did further checking so I could fix mine.

There is a drop down menu on the top of the Gravatar page, one of the sections lets you download a picture so you don’t have to use the colored icon provided by the program. Along with that you also have the option to provide some links to various websites you use for blogging or other endeavors.

One of the reasons that many bloggers check out other bloggers sites is to get traffic back to their own sites. If there is no way for a person to track you down, then you will be defeating your own purpose.


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