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Moving a Couple of Posts

I’ve decided to move the blogging challenge posts to my freelancing blog which is probably where I should have put it in the first place. Then I’m going to move a bunch of articles from a different website where they have been residing since around 2010 to this blog.

They are shutting down their website. When I joined someone contacted me by email and asked if I wanted to write five articles for a sum of thirty dollars. They gave me a list of what they had in mind. I didn’t like all the ideas they gave me, I think some of them were card games like black jack, which I know nothing about. I wanted to write about gardening.

Working with each other we came to an agreement and I thought I had a month or so to write them and then found out that they invert the month and date as it is a company from England, and I really only had a couple of weeks to get the articles in. That meant that I not only had to write the articles, but I had to set up a profile and learn how to get around their site.

I did get the articles done in time and they sent me a check for not only thirty dollars, but I got paid forty dollars for my time and effort. I had hoped that the articles  and others I wrote over the course of a few years would continue to make money, but no more money ever came my way.

Recently, I considered pulling all the articles, but they had sent me a letter telling me that they were revamping the site and that they hoped I would like what they came up with, so I’ve been waiting to hear when it would be done.

I just remembered that when I read their letter again they talked about a different site they put together at a different address. I guess I may just as well take a peek at it first before putting them all on here as my goal is to be paid for my writing, and if that is a possibility there, I’m willing to give them a try.

A few years ago I worked with a different company entirely that is still online and doing a great business. I was able to make over one hundred dollars with them. The payment was based on views and how many ads were clicked on your pages. That company was ehow.com.

They revamped the site and decided to stick with those that had degrees in writing and journalism unless the writers had a certain percentage of articles on the site already, which I did not.


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Last Minute Decisions

Again, at the last minute, I decided to take part in a challenge put on by the writing group I’m always talking about. The challenge is blogging for thirty days. You probably know that there are thirty-one days in December, but the person in charge of the challenge has nicely given everyone New Years Eve off, isn’t that nice of her?

I will be using this blog for the challenge and utilizing prompts for the posts each day. I may post extra if I want to write about things other than the challenge, but I may decide to post that on the Freelancing site instead.

If any of you are interested in checking out my portfolio on the writing site, it can be found at: http://www.Writing.Com/main/portfolio/view/sha4852?rfrid=sha4852. If anyone decides to join the site, it is free to join although everything isn’t available to free members. Even those members that ‘pay’ for their membership rarely have to pay in actual cash. But that can be explained if you join the site.

First post for the challenge coming up shortly.


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Check Commenter’s Website

One thing I’ve tried to make a habit of doing is to check the website of each person that comments  or likes to my various blogs, when they leave a link to their own website.

For me, if their site isn’t a place I would recommend to anyone else, then I surely don’t want to have others find that link by way of my site. So far, I have had only two that I would not consider following their blogs, both commented on my Christian posts.

One was providing a ping back, while the other which I received today provided a comment.

If the blogger takes the time to do this each day, or whenever they notice they have a new comment, like or ping (track)back, then they can keep on top of it. If every link to another person is accepted, then all other comments from that person will be accepted and if the blogger is too busy or begins to get many followers and comments, they may find one day that there are those that are only trying to get folks from your blog to their own, which may be okay for most people. But if the website is questionable according to what you believe, do you want that to happen?

I think so many of us that are starting out just want more comments that we’re happy with whatever we get.

An example would be, if I were teaching how to make money building websites and getting returning customers willing to purchase off my site, would I want someone to comment saying my product is unreliable, or that the concept would never work?

Now maybe, if they commented as such, we could have a simple discussion about it, but if their website taught just the opposite then I’m not sure whether that comment would help or detract from mine. There may be a way to place a message there, or it may end up being fine to have it there as there will always be dissenters to what we have to say, but in my opinion, keep that dissenting to your own blog, don’t invade mine also.

I may also allow comments and links contrary to my own in the majority of my blogs, I don’t know, where I find the issues I don’t like is on my Christian blogs. If they are slamming me that’s one thing, but once they begin to slam God that’s quite another.

What do you think? Do you check the websites of those that comment on your blogs? Feedback would be good, positive or negative.

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Gravatar Links

Have you noticed that when bloggers like your posts,  they use a Gravatar which can be an actual picture of themselves or the various blocks of color, but many of them do not provide links to their own blogs? In other words when you click on a Gravatar (person) that liked a specific post it will take you to a Gravatar page, but if the individual never provided links to their blog,  you can’t go any further.

If you have a WordPress blog you automatically have a Gravatar link.

This is an picture of the folks that have liked my recent post on Smelling the Roses.

Until recently all I had available was my Gravatar image also as I didn’t realize that I could link that back to my blogs. Before I updated my Gravatar I checked out another person that liked my post and found that they did have links to their blogs. Once I saw that  was something available I did further checking so I could fix mine.

There is a drop down menu on the top of the Gravatar page, one of the sections lets you download a picture so you don’t have to use the colored icon provided by the program. Along with that you also have the option to provide some links to various websites you use for blogging or other endeavors.

One of the reasons that many bloggers check out other bloggers sites is to get traffic back to their own sites. If there is no way for a person to track you down, then you will be defeating your own purpose.

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