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College Semester Completed

I just finished my first semester of college. I know I did well in my English course, my other two classes are questionable. One of them was a one credit course, and while I like the topic and information, the professor wanted perfection. I plan on taking the course again in the future, I passed it but only got a C for the course. I want to take it again as there is an extra class that continues the information and it’s something I’m interested in writing about, so I think it would be of benefit to get a higher grade.

I also took a course on College Success and would recommend anyone in any walk of life to purchase and read/study the textbook that we used for the class. You might want to wait and get the next edition, though, as there is a glitch in one of the chapters of the second edition. Other than that, it’s a great book. It discusses studying, annotations, listening skills, and having a better memory. It also discusses how to manage money, getting a new job, time management, and the list continues.

We only read and discussed a portion of the book, and even though the idea is to help students succeed in college, I think it’s a great book to help each person succeed in life, in any endeavor.

The cost of the book at the college I attended is $50.00. That may seem like a lot, but if it helps you succeed in life, then it’s well worth the money and effort to read it.


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