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Don’t Share Everything You Know


Tilapia (Photo credit: nate steiner)


Why might I suggest that we shouldn’t share everything we know? Mostly that comment is related to keeping to yourself things or at least certain things relating to specific foods that don’t hurt folks.


Someone told me that a specific product similar to pudding, but not pudding is thickened with tilapia. For those of you that don’t know, tilapia is a fish. I like tilapia, but only when I’ve chosen to cook fish for supper.


Even though the food item I’m referring to doesn’t have the taste of having tilapia in it, now that I know this little tid-bit, I cannot eat it anymore. I enjoyed it quite a bit in the past.


I understand that those with a German background in particular use tilapia in this manner. If it’s that common of a thickening agent in those countries, then they are probably not bothered by this knowledge at all.


For me, though, I wish the person never shared this information with me, for the item I’m referring to is often sold in my store as a buy one get one free sale. I think it might take a long time for me to work past my distaste for eating this product even though I can not literally taste it in the food in question.k


Another thing that happened before this, is that one day at home I was eating Greek yogurt, which I happen to enjoy and my husband was telling me something that was rather disgusting. Don’t ask me to tell you what he said because I really can’t remember what it had to do with, but right now I cannot eat Greek yogurt anymore.


Hopefully, this will not last and I will be able to enjoy it once again.


The hardest thing is that I do like to share just about everything I know, hence the title of this blog. I will just have to sift through the information from now on and make sure I don’t share anything that might cause another person to not be able to eat something that is actually good for them.





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