Do You Know Anyone That Isn’t Considerate

Before Thanksgiving I mentioned on my nano blog that I was going to write a post about people that are inconsiderate. Thankfully, I don’t know anyone that fits into that category, at least what I am going to share.

A customer at the retail store where I work was not looking forward to the holidays coming up. She said she used to work with someone in a different state and that after she moved away when she got  married, that they decided to get together a few times each year.

Her friend brings her whole family to town and expects to stay for several days,  sometimes even up to four days with the host family. The husband isn’t considerate in that he is verbal and tells them when he doesn’t like certain foods they cook, or maybe he doesn’t like certain ingredients. He even went so far one year to mention that he would like something like tonic water to drink.

Then the next year they made sure they had tonic water at the house and he refused to drink any. The lady of the house no longer looked forward to their visits. The day she was in shopping she told me she was hoping that they would be later than planned and it ended up that they were earlier than planned and she hadn’t done her shopping yet.

She said her family does go and visit them once or twice a year, but they don’t stay with them, they don’t eat every meal with them, they don’t question what foods are being cooked. In other words they don’t overstay their welcome.

I told her that she and her husband should tell them they can come for supper one day and plan on eating at restaurants the rest of the time they are in town, and that they can stay at a hotel also. There is no reason anyone should have to take that kind of behavior from anyone be they child or adult and they shouldn’t feel forced into putting them up for any length of time.

A few years ago, while I was cleaning the siding of a different customer; this person was customer of our cleaning business, she told me what happens to her. She said that because she lives on the lake that she has family that don’t even consider letting her know they are coming for a visit, nor do they let her know how long they plan on staying. Many times she doesn’t even know they are coming until she gets a call from them after they’ve embarked off a plane and they call for her to come get them.

It’s a good forty-five minute from her house to the airport. I couldn’t believe that she allowed them to treat her that way like she was at their beck-and-call.

For either situation, those people will never learn and they will continue to take advantage of the situation as long as the ones they are taking advantage of allow it.

So if any of you ever have anyone talk you into letting them come and stay for an extended visit without even offering to help pay for any of the food or utilities, you should tell them up-front that you won’t let it happen whenever they are in the mood or whenever it suits them, or you may be in the situation more than you’d like to be, if you even like it at all.

It seems like I’ve heard other stories similar to this, but for right now I have forgotten them.

My brother and sister-in-law will invite family in at special times either at Christmas or in the summer when we are celebrating my mom’s birthday and they don’t expect those that come to help out with purchasing any food. But everyone chips in and helps to make the meals and even those that do come to visit will on occasion go and purchase groceries even thou those in the area would prefer that they not do so.

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One response to “Do You Know Anyone That Isn’t Considerate

  1. I’ve heard about and seen people act this way. It makes me shake my head and wonder what their upbringing was like. And then there was the time when I had to hit the brakes on my car because a woman and her two children, one a toddler and one in the stroller, just walked across the street without looking. Makes one wonder. Thanks for sharing.

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