Another Tidbit About Propagating

pet plant

pet plant (Photo credit: Michael Sarver)

In one of my original posts I discussed propagating mums in a manner that my mother taught me, which is different than anything I’ve ever heard about or read elsewhere.

I was sharing this information with a customer at the retail store where I’m a cashier and she said she used to own a gardening store and had been thinking of starting a blog or website about gardening. I encouraged her to do just that. She knew about propagating the way I was familiar with, but said that it is illegal to propagate plants you purchase from a store and then turn around and sell the newer plants.

She said that is something the authorities, I don’t know which authorities that would be, visit greenhouses to make sure nothing is being done that is against the rules. She said when ‘proven winners’ are purchased, they are expected to be purchased from the plant distributors and retailers, not propagated and resold to make a bigger profit.

So, gardeners, if you want to propagate your plants in this easier fashion, it is fine if it’s for your own use, but stay away from selling the newer plants. Possibly it would be different if grown from seeds, but research this out before assuming anything.


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