Coolant (continued)

I’ve since learned a few more things about putting coolant into one’s vehicle. There seems to be differing opinions about where the coolant should go. Some say it should go directly into the radiator, although if you car is overheating, or if you’ve been driving it recently you must not, and I repeat, must not try to open the radiator cap at that point in time, for it will be extremely hot and you don’t want to get burned.

In fact it’s probably a good idea to have a cloth of some type available when opening the cap, to be on the safe side, just in case it’s still warm even after sitting for a bit.

So, if your vehicle appears to be overheating, or if the heater isn’t working in the winter or the air in the summer,  it may be a bit low with the antifreeze/coolant. Another way to take care of that would be to open the reservoir and pour the diluted coolant inside. It should be diluted 50/50 and many times it can be purchased diluted already. There is a line on the side which is the highest level the coolant should be.

Our mechanic says the coolant can be poured directly into the reservoir, possibly  to ensure that the owner doesn’t get burned from the radiator still being too hot.

If you find that there is no liquid in the reservoir even after you’ve filled it recently, then there has to be a leak somewhere. It could be in the radiator, the water pump and maybe other areas I’m not familiar with. It could also mean there’s a problem with other parts that help the coolant circulate.

If you do have a problem with the vehicle producing heat or air or overheating and have filled either the radiator, when cooled (and this may take putting coolant in, waiting while it bubbles and drains in, then filling some more, until you can it no longer drains down, but stays at the brim), or the reservoir, if recently driven, it would behoove you to check the reservoir more often to make sure the problem is fixed.

Don’t assume, once it’s filled, that the problem is over, or if you’re driving a lot or long distance, you may ruin the engine if you’re not prepared.

Our mechanic told my daughter to bring it in so they could see where there might be a leak. I thought they were talking about a leak in the reservoir. Communication is always very important. If you’re not sure if you understand something, it’s best to ask for more information.

Come to find out, after her car began to overheat again-it did take over a week for the coolant to leak out-she has a leak in the water pump.


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