Image by Molly Dolkart via Flickr

Last year I purchased an aster, a plant I’ve never grown before, nor do I think my mother ever did. The reason I mention my mother is because if it was a plant she had grown when I still lived at home, I’d at least know a bit about it, how it grows, how to work with it.

I planted it fairly close to my deck, and was surprised this year to find that it had moved about a foot out towards the lawn. I wasn’t even sure it was the same plant especially since I wasn’t used to seeing the leaves to know automatically what was even growing in my garden.

It wasn’t until I did some work for one of our customers and began asking her what flowers she had outside her window that I found out that some of them were asters. I then found out that asters re-seed themselves and move from location to location.

There are many types of asters of all colors and sizes. I believe the one I purchased is one of the shorter variety although so far this year they are already about a foot tall and have yet to bloom even though they look about ready to bud. Once mine flower I will include an image or two of my own.


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